About Tallow and Honey

Welcome to Tallow and Honey, where our journey is as natural as our skincare products. Founded by Meagan, a passionate mama with a love for all things postpartum, our brand is born out of a mission to create luxurious, hand-made skincare solutions with
ancient healing properties.

As a mom navigating the challenges of postpartum life, Meagan's personal experience inspired the creation of Tallow & Honey – a blend designed to address common skin issues like diaper rashes, stretch marks, and hormonal acne. What began as a trial-anderror process became a transformative journey, as Meagan crafted samples for herself, witnessing incredible changes in her own skin.

Tallow and Honey isn't just a skincare brand – it's a testament to Meagan's passion for a holistic lifestyle. Our all-natural products are carefully curated to support your skin naturally, reflecting our commitment to making your body's largest organ glow from the inside out. Join us on this journey towards skin wellness and embrace a lifestyle that prioritizes your well-being.

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