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Bee Flawless | Anti-Aging

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Our Bee Flawless balm contains silk proteins help to naturally reverse the aging process of the skin. It also has the longer and deeper moisturizing effects because of the Emu Oil and the collagen boost of the Rosehip and Manuka Oils.

Our Bee Flawless balm ingredients: 100% Grass Finished Beef Tallow, Jajoba Oil, Kokum Butter, Hyaluronic Acid, Rosehip Oil, Emu Oil, Tamanu Oil, Silk Proteins, Manuka Oil, Hibiscus Oil, Vanilla Oil


The hydrolyzed silk protein promotes elasticity, firmer skin, clear redness and inflammation, fewer fine lines, fading acne scars, repair sun damage, and helps speed up skin cell functioning. It also bonds with other proteins and molecules in the skin, firming it up and increasing hydration levels.

Kokum butter has powerful moisturizing properties and won’t clog pores. It is frequently used a variety of skin issues, including: acne, minor inflammatory conditions, and dry skin. It can help restore unevenness in skin tone.

High in vitamin A, F and E and helps boost your body production of collagen.

Vanilla is a great ingredient to help reverse skin damage, and is rich in antioxidants for a potent skin nourishment.

Hibiscus has high mucilage content that can enhance the skin’s ability to retain moisture, which is key for maintaining a youthful complexion. It is naturally moisturizes rich qualities that helps skin stay hydrated, soft and supple for longer, keeping dry, dull skin at bay. 


Get to know all of the benefits of our ingredients here!

**Please Note**
This is a completely natural & handcrafted product. There
can be variations of consistency and texture between each
batch of tallow. However, this does not alter the quality or
amazing properties within the tallow.
Products from Tallow and Honey are not FDA approved
and are not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent
I always recommend to perform a test patch to check
for sensitivity. If sensitivity occurs, discontinue use

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Chelsea Harrison
It’s just SO good!

Bee flawless is full of the most delicious natural ingredients and I feel so great after putting this on. Not greasy, hydrating, and a true joy to put on. One of my most favorite scents. I also love to use this as an eye cream!!

Jen Fadely

Love this product and how it feels on on my skin.

Ronda Wooden
Great products and customer service

Love the feel and smell of the products. I had a question and Meagan replied quickly and was very helpful. Will be a repeat customer.

Andrea Shelton
The smell, the feel, the results

Absolutely amazing. Face feels like a new born baby’s bottom. So so soft. Now if I can just keep the dogs from licking it off my face! 😂


Literally the best moisturizer !! I used to use a high end brand and when I tried the bee flawless it was exactly what I have been looking for in my skin care routine and product!!! The scrub is also nice and gentle enough for sensitive skin!!

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