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Basic Bee

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Basic Bee is a simple, yet effective moisturizer for everyday needs. Use it for an all over body moisturizer, bug bites, scrapes, sunburn cream, diaper rash, makeup remover, just really an everything salve.

Our Basic Bee ingredients: 100% Grass Finished Beef Tallow, Jojoba Oil, Manuka Oil, Calendula Oil, Orange Essential Oil, and Lavender Oil. 


I love to use Basic Bee on my kids and is the best choice is you have a “less is more” mentality with ingredients. 

Manuka Oil is a staple ingredient for almost all of my moisturizers because of it’s known medicinal properties such as anti fungal, antibacterial, antiseptic, anti microbial, while it’s very calm and soothing for your skin.
Calendula Oil is amazing for sensitive skin or sensitive areas and is known to have soothing properties. 

Get to know all of the benefits of our ingredients here!

**Please Note**
This is a completely natural & handcrafted product. There
can be variations of consistency and texture between each
batch of tallow. However, this does not alter the quality or
amazing properties within the tallow.
Products from Tallow and Honey are not FDA approved
and are not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent
I always recommend to perform a test patch to check
for sensitivity. If sensitivity occurs, discontinue use

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Becca Whisten
great overall moisturizer!

Basic Bee is such a great all over moisturizer. It has a nice whipped consistency, and fresh scent (not what I’d expect for beef fat!) I love to use this all over my body after the shower or anytime my skin is feeling dry. I also use it on my babies for their eczema and dry skin in winter.

Hayley Benjamin
Amazing, Amazing!

Has been working wonders on my hands. I have super dry hands that also get eczema and it’s helped that out tremendously.


Love it does everything it claims to do.

Gracie Sikkema
This stuff is amazing!

I started using Basic Bee on my face almost a year ago. I’ve struggled with acne ever since I was young. I’ve tried every cleanser, cream, mask, diet & endless different skin care routines with most not helping at all. Now that I’ve started using tallow, my face has literally never been clearer. I still struggle with a bit of cystic acne on my jawline but everything else has completely cleared up! I also use it on dry skin patches, cuts and scratches etc and it heals your skin so fast. 11/10 recommend, I will be a lifelong user of this stuff!

Kimberly Brim
Love this product

I would definitely say this product exceeded my expectations. Very nice smooth texture, rubs in nice.

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