Our Mission

At Tallow and Honey, our mission is to redefine skincare with a commitment to pure, handcrafted excellence. We proudly present a range of luxurious, high-quality skincare products, meticulously curated with all-natural ingredients. Embracing the wisdom of ancient healing and medicinal properties, our formulations are thoughtfully crafted to support your skin naturally. We believe in the power of simplicity and nature,
offering a holistic approach to skincare that enhances your well-being and radiates the beauty within.

Meet Meagan.

Mama with a love for all things postpartum on a mission to create the perfect blend of Tallow & Honey for postpartum moms and families struggling with different skin issues (such as diaper rashes, stretch marks, hormonal acne, etc).

I started the trial and error process of perfecting the some samples that I used on myself and noticed incredibles changes in my skin and couldn’t wait to share these products with the world.

At just five months postpartum with my second baby life as I knew it crumbled around me. I went from stay at home mom to (temporarily) a single mom who needed to support my babies and find myself again. I made the biggest leap of faith. I believed so much in my products and in myself, I went for it and the rest is history!

My passion for living a holistic and low toxin lifestyle is something I wanted to carry through in my brand. I wanted your biggest organ to be glowing from the inside out.