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Bay-Bee Balm

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Our Bay-Bee Balm is perfect for those with sensitive skin or sensitive areas because of the key ingredient, Calendula Oil.

It is suitable for almost all skin types and it helps balance the skins oil content which helps with acne as well. How to use it? for sensitive skin or sensitive areas. Eczema, diaper rash, nipple cream, makeup remover, etc. Think of it just like our Basic Bee balm, but for more sensitive skin.

Our Bay-Bee Balm ingredients: 100% Grass Finished Beef Tallow, Jajoba Oil, Manuka Oil, Blue Lotus Oil


It can help treats burns, scrapes, and may soothe skin that has been treated with radiation for cancer, etc. The Blue Lotus oil is a natural moisturizer to help improve the look and feel of dry, rough or flaky skin. 

Get to know all of the benefits of our ingredients here!

**Please Note**
This is a completely natural & handcrafted product. There
can be variations of consistency and texture between each
batch of tallow. However, this does not alter the quality or
amazing properties within the tallow.

Products from Tallow and Honey are not FDA approved
and are not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent

I always recommend to perform a test patch to check
for sensitivity. If sensitivity occurs, discontinue use

Customer Reviews

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Amy Recker
Amazing product

Ordered tallow for my newborn that had diaper rash, healed him in one day . Now I use it on my face and hands ,love the way it makes both feel . Fast shipping and cute packaging!

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